Backyard Project: Travertine over old Saltillo Tile in Scottsdale, AZ 85259

No need to take out the old Saltillo and pay all the money for demolition.

Travertine Pavers are installed over sand which removes the rounded profile of the top of the Saltillo. All outer edges are mortared and grouted and the Travertine finished with Poylmeric grout.

The travertine can also be installed over the landscape areas that were planter beds on this patio.

Beautiful travertine bullnose coping adds architectural style to the pool edge and steps.

Ledge lights are added to the steps under the bullnose travertine edge.

Rust colored stackstone is added to the outside of the raised patio walls and the new firepot columns.

Gas lines were run to the fire wok bowls. Amber fireglass finished the interior of the wok fire bowls.

The Homeowner was overjoyed that the Saltillo did not have to be jackhammered out and hauled away…

The end result SPECTACULAR

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